Friday, November 25, 2011

2011/12 UEFA Champions League Adrenalyn XL Seven Pack Break and Review

Well I just went down to my local newsagent to find they were selling the new Adrenalyn Cards.  I decided to grab a starter pack ($14.99 AUD) and two packs ($2.99 each).  I was excited for these as I had busted open two boxes from last season.  This set did not let me down as the design is better than last years explosion effect.  Some of the players stats have increased and new inserts have been added including Rising Stars, Masters and Top Master.  From the seven packs I received five inserts which is a good odd and four Arsenal Cards including Gervinho.  Now enough with the talk and on to the pulls!

Highlight Base


Lucas Barrios and Giuseppe Rossi Star Players

Phil Jones Rising Star (Should have been Wilkshire!)

Christian Abbiati Goal Stopper

The Main Hit!  Edin Dzeko Master!  This is like a Champion card from last year.

Card Design
This years set has a nicer design which is different to any other set on the market.  The tear design on the Base, Star Players, Goal Stoppers, Fans' Favourites and Rising Stars match the theme well.  The Master card has a nice gold print which appears well on a scanner.

Are The Hits Good?
The Inserts from the set are great and have many players with higher stats.  The only down side is that the odds are much higher to obtain inserts.

Value For Money
The cards sell well but the packs are expensive in Australia.  Those in Europe have a better price which is easy to afford.

Would I Collect Them?
Yes I would, I love the new set design and I will have to look for better places t buy the cards.


Five out of Five

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