Monday, November 14, 2011

Sports Card Radio Offering Free Cards!

Sports Card Radio which is one of the greatest websites based on cards is offering free NFL Series 2 Adrenalyn XL Cards.  SCR are the leading website for check-lists and mainly for their Podcast which is available on iTunes.  This comp work better for those in the USA as they are based in California (Sunshine State).  Remember to checkout the other great stuff on SCR and also have a look at the forum where you will find me!  Sorry for the long break in posts guys, I had just got MW3 and decided to have a go at it.  Also Attached is the box break of the new series.  Look out for the Rivers Ultimate (Best Ultimate because he is on San Diego...). Also thank these guys who have worked hard and helped out collectors including me. So thanks Ryan and Colin!

The Main Site:

The Fan Forum (For those who like to talk):

Here is the link for the free cards:

And for those seeking a check-list:

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