Monday, September 26, 2011

Hot Adrenalyn Cards Featuring Jackson, Durant, Thornton & Rooney

This Post will be apart of a theme called Hot Adrenalyn Cards which will feature a players card from each of the four Adrenalyn XL sports.  So basically every so often I will create one of these posts with players to watch out for.  Enjoy and comment for suggestions or players who should be added to this list.

Fred Jackson

Fred was a big factor in the Buffalo's 31-34 win against the Pat's breaking a 15 game loosing streak too them.  Jackson made a run in the dying moments of the 4th quarter which helped Rian Lindell kick the winning field goal.  I decided to choose Jackson's Extra Signature card which packs a powerful run of 50!

Fred Jackson's Extra Signature card featuring a high run of 50!

Kevin Durant

Durant has been doing it all during the NBA Lockout.  Durant is filming a film in Hollywood and appeared in a Nike commercial for the new Back to the Future shoes.  Durant is also known for his high scoring tempo and now has a deal with Panini.  His series 2 Ultimate card packs a punch in offence but not much can be said about his defence in the online game.  

Kevin Durant's Ultimate card with a awesome offence rating of 98!

Joe Thornton

Thornton is one of the great hockey players in the NHL.  Thornton is also great in the play off's and does not choke.  Thornton plays on the San Jose Sharks which happens to be the favourite team of another blogger San Jose Fuji who runs The Chronicles of Fuji.  Thornton's Ultimate also has a high offence rating of 98.

Joe Thornton's Ultimate card is great on any team online.

Wayne Rooney

Rooney is the best player on Manchester United at the moment and has been on fire this season.  Rooney scored a hat trick against Arsenal in the 8-2 thrashing.  It's no surprise that his Adrenalyn cards have high stats as he tries to lead United to their 20th EPL Championship.  Rooney's Player Legend card shares the same ratings as his Ultimate with a high offence of 109.

Wayne Rooney's Player Legend is the card to have against your friends.

Sunday, September 25, 2011

UEFA Champions League Adrenalyn XL 2011/12 Out Now!!

Look out everybody as the new UEFA Adrenalyn XL cards for this year hit the stores.  For those in Europe the Scandinavian website coolcards has them for sale.  So what do we know about them so far?  Well that some of the inserts include Star Players, Goal Stopper, Fans' Favourite, Rising Star, Master, Top Master and Limited Edition.  It also looks as if Scandinavia have there own insert; Scandinavian Star.  The new cards feature a torn effect which I think looks good on them.  The Nani Limited Edition is available in a soccer magazine called Strike It. Now that was a bit of a mouth full but here are the some of the new pictures from coolcards and Football Cards Forum .

Lionel Messi and Xavi Hernandez Star Players
Wayne Rooney and Cristiano Ronaldo Star Players
Christian Abbiati and David de Gea Goal Stoppers
Petr Cech Goal Stopper and Esteban Cambiasso Fans' Favourite
Javier Hernandez and Michael Essien Fans' Favourite
Jack Wilkshere and Thiago Alcantara Rising Stars
Andres Iniesta and Ryan Giggs Masters
Frank Lampard and Mesut Ozil Masters
Bastian Schweinsteiger and Robin van Persie Masters
Danny Master
Gerard Pique and Lionel Messi Top Masters
Ziatan Ibrahimovic and Anders Linegaard Scandinavian Stars
Nani Limited Edition found by Football Cards Forum member Caveboydave

Monday, September 19, 2011

Tim Tebow Extra Signature

Here is a card that was released at the NFL Hall of Fame last year.  What can be seen from this card is that there is no code on the card and that there is no rookie wording near the top.  It has a Hall of Fame stamp and it shares the same stats as Tebow's base card.  This happens to be one of the hardest NFL Adrenalyn XL cards to get as it appears no where online for sale.  Now the only question left is what will Tebow's stats be for series two and will he have a insert card?  I guess we will find out soon.

All we need to see now from Tebow is a card with his Monk haircut!  It would be a very interesting card and very impressive. 

Friday, September 16, 2011

Liverpool Adrenalyn XL 2011/12

I know, there have been a lot of soccer posts but it's because there is quite a few new sets coming out.  Today we have a preview of Liverpool Adrenalyn XL, which is basically just like Manchester United Adrenalyn XL.  Here is the set breakdown.  The set uses the same design as the new SPL Adrenalyn XL set.  Notice how in the pictures all the cards have the same stats.....

126 Cards to collect
80 Base Cards - Home, Away & Legends
30 Special Cards
16 Ultimate Cards - Liverpool & Legends
?? Limited Edition Cards - Maybe?
Home Base - Marten Skrtel
Home Away - Andy Carroll
Special - Steven Gerrard
Ultimate - Dirk Kuyt (Got to love the Dutch!)
Base Legend - Bruce Grobbelaar
Ultimate Legend - Ian Rush

The design of the new packets.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

UEFA Champions League Adrenalyn XL 2011/12 Binder & Box Pictures

These images have been found on the internet and happen to be the Binder and Box being used for the UEFA Champions League Adrenalyn XL 2011/12 set.  The athletes on the cover are from the teams that are in the Champions League.  For those of those waiting for this set it will be out in mid September.

The new binder featuring seven star players.
The box with packs inside.  It looks as if there is a Manchester United Player on one of the packs.

Friday, September 9, 2011

The Top Five NBA Adrenalyn XL Rookies

Here at Pure Adrenalyn, I have composed a list of the top five rookie base cards.  These are great cards for starting off in Adrenalyn XL.  If you think that there is anyone who is missing just comment below.

Number Five
Jonny Flynn - Minnesota Timberwolves

Jonny Flynn is a great rookie for a beginners deck and can defeat those easy players with his offence score of 86.  His rookie card also happens to be better than his series two card which is an added bonus.  

Number Four
Derrick Favours - New Jersey Nets

Derrick Favours has a high defensive rating of 87 which can beat players like Shane Battier.  He is a beast for those players who have many defensive players.

Number Three
Evan Turner - Philadelphia 76ers

Evan Turner impressed selectors in the 2010 NBA Draft and managed to become the second pick.  He shares the same offence and defence of Vince Carter.

Number Two's
Tyreke Evans - Sacramento Kings
DeMarcus Cousins - Sacramento Kings

Tyreke Evans and DeMarcus Cousins are the two powerhouse's at Sacramento.  There high Offence can beat many players including Jason Kidd.  Could we see Jimmer up here soon?

Number One's
John Wall - Washington Wizards
Blake Griffin - Los Angeles Clippers

Blake Griffin and John Wall were destined to become the Number One's after being the number one picks for their years.  Will Kyrie be the same as Griffin and Wall?

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Coming Soon too Adrenalyn XL

Well it seems that it's that time of the year when all the sports start up in the northern hemisphere so some new Adrenalyn XL sets have been made.  Many announced so far are soccer sets but a NFL set is coming out along side with them.  For those in Scotland, SPL Adrenalyn XL was released last week.  Here is the list:

Champions League Adrenalyn XL 11/12 - Launches Mid-September

NFL Adrenalyn XL Series 2 - Launches October 12th

Championship Adrenalyn XL - Launches October

Manchester United Adrenalyn XL Series 2 - Launches November

Liverpool Adrenalyn XL - Launches November

London Olympics 2012 Adrenalyn XL - Launches January 12th

Euro 2012 Adrenalyn XL - Launches February 12th

Down below are the pictures of Series 2 NFL Adrenalyn XL.  What I find interesting is that they now only have one stat to play with and also the choice to use bigger packs.  These look good!

Welcome To Pure Adrenalyn

Welcome to the start of the Pure Adrenalyn Blog, based on Adrenalyn XL Cards.  This blog will provide information about sets, contests, tips and other information regarding sports.  Adrenalyn XL features basketball, american football, ice hockey and soccer sets which can be used in a card game.  Don't forget to visit the Adrenalyn Forum and Sports Card Radio which are all good sites to talk about Adrenalyn while the Adrenalyn XL Wiki is a database for the cards.  Now before I end this first post I have one question, Who is you favourite player in Adrenalyn XL?  Enjoy and have fun as we enter this journey.