Saturday, October 8, 2011

UEFA Champions League 2010/11 Adrenalyn XL Box Break and Review

I just busted open two boxes of UEFA 2010/11 Adrenalyn XL and also one extra pack.  In total it cost me around $30 AUD which was a good deal.  From this set you can pull Star Players, Goal Stoppers, Fans' Favourites, Champions and Trophy Cards (one in every 100 packs).  The base cards from the set feature a nice looking explosion theme in the background with the teams colours.  I managed to pull a full base set with many doubles and most of the inserts except the Champions.  Enough of me talking, here are the cards.

 Here is what the base cards look like.  As you can see there is Iker Casillas a goalkeeper, Nemanja Vidic a defender, Andres Iniesta a midfield and Robin van Persie a striker.

 The backs of all the cards which show which position the player plays.

Arshavin, Pique, Alves, Robben x2, Coentrao, iPek, Dani, Malouda x2 and Anelka Star Players.

Maicon, Milito, Nani, Berbatov, Ronaldinho, Ninis, Valbuena, Davis and Di Maria x2 Star Players.

Higuain, Adriano, Noboa x2, Rakitic, Fernandinho, Alex, Ruiz and Mata x2 Star Players.

Almunia, Valdes x2, Butt, Roberto, Claro, Cesar, Lloris, Mandanda and Abbiati Goal Stoppers.

Tzorvas x2, McGregor, Casillas, Sergio, Neuer, Pyatov x2, Pesyakov, Boschker and Sanchez Goal Stoppers

Muller x2, Culio, Toulalan x2, Ambrosini, Cisse x2, Weir, Ramos, Totti and Jasdon Fans' Favourites.

Banega and Brama Fans' Favouries.

 The three Champions Villa, Gourcuff and Ozil.

Card Design
I love the look of the Goal Stopper cards but the base cards can hurt you eyes after a while from looking at a bunch of them.  The Champions are nice with the gold and silver (scanner does not do it justice).

Are the hits good?
The inserts were great as I received more than 60 of them from 101 packs.  The three Champions were a let down as they are one in every 23 packs and I only got three.

Value for Money
These are good value with the Champions selling well.  The price per pack in Australia is crazy at $2.95 AUD and should be dropped down lower.  I got two boxes and one box of stickers of eBay for $30 which was good.

Would I collect them?
Yes I would but two boxes is just enough to get a full base set.  I only require 41 more cards from the set.


Four out of Five

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