Thursday, February 2, 2012

2012: New Year, New Adrenalyn, Feat. Hot Adrenalyn Cards

Well I guess it's been a while since I last posted here but I have reasons like moving states in Australia and going on a holiday.  The year is now 2012 for those who don't know bt we should be expecting new Adrenalyn set.  Confirmed from last year is the Olympics set which is either a Soccer or Basketball set (Hopefully both).  In other news you should expect a review of the 2010 FIFA World Cup set after I found Toys R Us clearing them off cheaply and a Series One NBA set which is a classic.  Also jkentk I will send your codes next week as I'm in a hotel.  Below is  preview of what is coming soon this month and I'll give you this years first Hot Adrenalyn Cards.

The Tin, Booster Pack and Binder from the 2010 FIFA World Cup Adrenalyn XL set

Chris Paul

Chris Paul made headlines this year when he moved to the Los Angeles Clippers.  So far he has made the Clippers one of the top teams in the NBA.  His passes to Blake Griffen are amazing!  Last year his Ultimate card featured a high offence rating of 98 which only makes me think what hemight be this year!

Chris Paul and his Ultimate from Series 2
Javier Hernandez

Javier and his Manchester United have been dominating in the EPL and are now equal with rivals Manchester City.  This Mexican is a great plaayer and has scored many goals for the red devils.  Javiers new Fans' Favourite hows a powerful 107 offence rating which is nearly the same as the Wayne Rooney Ultimate from last year.

The high rating Fans' Favourite Javier Hernandez in the second Manchester United set

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