Friday, December 16, 2011

Four Two Four Australia Magazine Panini Promotion

The current issue of Four Two Four Australia which is a soccer magazine is currently giving away a free pack of Adrenalyn XL in every issue as a bundle.  This is a promotion for Panini as they are selling Adrenalyn in newsagents across Australia.  I'm also not sure if the U.K. version is doing the same.

The magazine gives it's readers a random pack of 2011/12 UEFA  Champions League Adrenalyn XL.  Inside is also a article about collecting stickers and cards.  So enough with my talking and here is what I pulled from the pack!

As you can see this was not the best pack (my fourth Ramos) but for $9.00 it was okay.


  1. are those just trading cards are or they a game like nfl,nba,nhl?

  2. Yes they are, these are found everywhere except the United States.