Sunday, February 5, 2012

Euro 2012 & 2012 London Olympics Adrenalyn XL Pictures Found

I've found two photos showing these two upcoming set which should be released this month or next.  The Euro 2012 set features all the competing national teams from Europe including the Dutch.  From the looks of the Olympics set, it seems to include all the sports which means cards of swimmers, runners, basketball, soccer, and a bunch of others.  If that is true I hope there will be a Andrew Bogut card for Australia!  When more information comes out I'll post it up on here to keep you all updated.

The Euro 2012 set.

The London 2012 set.


  1. i need some codes for adrenalyn xl euro 2012 can u help me?

    1. Sorry man, I've got none at the moment.