Sunday, December 4, 2011

Hot Adrenalyn Cards Featuring Logan Couture & Robin van Persie

Here is a small post about the highlights of Logan Couture and Robin van Persie.

Logan Couture

Logan Couture has been on fire recently for his Sharks in the NHL.  He has been scoring goals left, right and centre and playing well.  His Adrenalyn Cards show this especially his All Star card which is only available online.  Logan has a great offence of 78 which can beat most Goalkeepers online.

Logan Couture's Base and All Star Cards

Robin van Persie

Arsenal has had a slow start to the season this year after the loss of Fabergas but since van Persie has been scoring important goals to help his side win.  The Dutchman is know for his long distance kicks and his amazing crosses to others in the square.  Down below are his three cards from this year which show his performance especially for a Star Player card with a offence of 86.  His Limited Edition could beat any keeper except some Limited Edition Keepers 

The three Adrenalyn Cards that Robin has from this year including a Limited Edition, Star Player and Master.

Stay tuned for NBA and NFL Adrenalyn XL codes on the website as I will be hiding some soon for Christmas.


  1. Never played Adrenalyn before, but those Coutures are awesome. 2 more goals last night... too bad they still lost.

  2. They will hopefully win soon. :) You can get the Couture on the left but not the one on the right.