Monday, July 16, 2012

Drew Brees Ultimate on COMC!

Long time no post!  I've been busy doing other stuff so I haven't posted on hear in a while, which is soon to change!  Now I was just looking on COMC (Check Out My Cards) and it lists a Drew Brees Ultimate from Series One.  It's currently priced at $2.00 from a book price of $8.00 (which is wrong)!  Now this is a drop dead bargain!  I mean since when do people get Ultimate cards for $2.00?  This is crazy!  Now if your collecting the set this is a must.  And for those who play the online game, Brees' 39 Pass rating will beat anybody 's defence.  Brees' is a legend of the game and is one of the most sort out after cards in all the Adrenalyn XL sets!

The Ultimate card which most people had during the days of the online game!

Anyone interested?


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