Monday, June 18, 2012

The Chronicles of Fuji Competition, Samurai Blue and the Socceroos

Well for those of you who like contests, San Jose Fuji is running one on his blog titled 'The Chronicles of Fuji'.  Currently you have to reply to certain questions from posts which can in return give you entry's!  Fuji is a great guy who I know from Sports Card Radio and goes for the Golden State Warriors, Los Angeles Lakers, Oakland A's, San Jose Sharks, Green Bay Packers and the Seattle Seahawks.  It's a nice bunch of teams and from the lot I have seen the Warriors play.  Now to make this post relevant to Adrenalyn XL, Fuji is of Japanese descent and his Samurai Blue (Japan) took on my national side, the Socceroos (Australia) last week in Brisbane.  The score ended up being 1-1 but was well played by both sides.  Now below is a link to Fuji's blog again and a look at some of the players from Japan and Australia.  

Fuji's Blog




  1. Wow... thanks for the kind words.

    Are those Adrenalyn cards? If so, I have a set of the non sparkly Samurai Blue cards from a couple of years ago. They're really cool, but I never learned to play the game.

  2. BTW... I gave you three points towards the cheap cool cards contest question. Thanks for participating!

  3. Cahill is coming to MLS, Good news!

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