Thursday, May 10, 2012

How Much Would you Pay or Sell for a Blake Griffin Rookie Card?

Depending on the player, rookie cards of certain players can either sell for a large amount or can be sold for a amount cheaper then the price of bread.  I had the idea to give a small price guide of as many Adrenalyn XL cards as I could give possibly and so here is that idea being put into use and it will be continued.  Blake Griffin was the first I wanted to research after my brother managed to pull one of his signature cards from a 2011/12 NBA Hoops Retail Blaster box.  Blake is one of the top players in the NBA and has managed to help his Los Angeles Clippers to the playoffs with some help from Chris Paul.  But more to the point, I looked for Blake's first Adrenalyn XL card which is his rookie card on the internet searching Ebay and Check Out My Cards.

Blake Griffin's Adrenalyn XL Rookie card

If you were looking at getting his Rookie card on Ebay, you would be looking at paying a average of $13.03 with the lowest currently avaliable for $7.86.  On Check Out My Cards the average price of a Blake Rookie is  $12.60 which is more cheaper then buying one of Ebay.  For those who are interested in 'Graded Cards', there is one avaliable for $38.60 which is a Gem Mint and has a rating of 9.5 by Beckett.  So here is the recap of all the prices.

Ebay - $13.03
COMC - $12.60
Graded on Ebay - $38.60
Average Price - $12.74

So for those looking for a Blake Griffin Adrenalyn XL card, your looking at double digits...

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