Saturday, October 1, 2011

NFL Adrenalyn XL Competition time!!

So with the new Adrenalyn XL NFL set coming out on October the 12th, I've decide to run a giveaway.  The competition will end on the ninth of October which is three days away from the release.  Please post your answer to the competition in the comments box down below! So here is the Question:

In the Week Five match up between the Chicago Bears and the Detroit Lions, who will win and what will the score be?


Matt Hasselback Extra Signature & Paul Posluszny Extra

Mike Sims-Walker & Marques Colston Extra

Roddy White Special & Donnie Avery Extra

LaDainian Tomlinson Special & Drew Brees Base

Winners will all receive the cards online for the NFL Adrenalyn XL game.

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